My main hobby is traveling and be immersed in other cultures, but I have also contributed to the creation of Azzurra, the most successful Italian IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network since 1997!

Internet of Things

I am an Internet of Things enthusiast and pioneer. This is also one of the reasons that motivate to move my latest work towards IoT. Almost every device in my home is connected to my local network and managed by my private Home Assistant and zigbee2mqtt instance. I have contributed code as well. I have built my personal smart mirror projects, which shows the status of my IoT devices and allows me to interact with it with them without using cloud-connected speakers.

My travels

I love cultural exchanges. I love to see people of other cultures, be immersed in their culture, try their food, listen to their music, and discuss with themĀ about everything. In the future I will post in this section some pictures of my travels. In the meantime, I will just put a map of the places I have visited (thanks to Tripadvisor!).

IRC – Internet Relay Chat – Azzurra IRC Network

Internet Relay Chat is a protocol created in 1988 to allow real time text-based communication over the Internet. This method increased its popularity until popular social networks started taking its place in 2007.

I have contributed to the foundation and the maintenance of the first Italian IRC Network (Azzurra). I helped to develop its software, which is publicly available, and to administer its server. This hobby allowed me to learn a lot about programming and Unix administration and started my love for technology and computing and has driven my entire career.

The network can still be accessed through the following server: irc.azzurra.org.

For more information (in Italian) visit the Azzurra IRC Network website.

The IRC server software (which contains significant contributions made by myself) can be downloaded from Github.